Alignment of space

Keep it simple and clear!

Always align yourself first
Cleanse – ask for all negativity to be released to the earth
Veil in the highest positivity
Seal and protect

Simple Example:

  1. I call upon the Light in respect and humility *
  2. I ask that all negativity in this room/house/etc be released upon to the earth
  3. I ask that this room/house/etc be veiled with the highest positivity
  4. I ask that this room/house/etc be sealed and protected
  5. I thank the light *

* We refer to Universal or Cosmic Energy as ‘the Light’. We are non-denominational, respecting the many beliefs and cultures which ultimately lead to the same destination.

Some may prefer to refer to God, Allah, Angels, The Creator or a particular Saint, Master or ‘Ultimate Source’.

The important power lies in the belief in something greater than yourself and the humility and respect to call upon and connect to this energy of purity and love to enhance your own energy and life.

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