Body Energy Alignment

The ‘body’s energy’ is in constant flow and movement. It is part of your body. Energy is received by the body through the crown, flowing down the spine, through chakras and meridians into the bands of energy that surround the physical being.

The energy flow responds and reacts to changes within the physical body, the emotions, the thoughts and the spirit. It also interacts with the energy fields of others.

If interactions and flow of this energy is balanced and harmonious, we experience feelings of well being and positivity, eg peace and strength. Disrupted flow and stagnant energy gives feelings of resentment, pain, disorientation, etc.

Aligning the bands of energy and re-establishing positive flow within the body’s energy has an uplifting and balancing effect that is experienced immediately. Sealing the aligned energy field protects from negative interactions from others’ energy.

If aligned and sealed, then the personality will never be overcome by emotion or swayed by negativity, but will always see things as gifts and opportunities for learning.

* We refer to Universal or Cosmic Energy as ‘the Light’. We are non-denominational, respecting the many beliefs and cultures which ultimately lead to the same destination.

Some may prefer to refer to God, Allah, Angels, The Creator or a particular Saint, Master or ‘Ultimate Source’.

The important power lies in the belief in something greater than yourself and the humility and respect to call upon and connect to this energy of purity and love to enhance your own energy and life.

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