Self Alignment

Remember you can never be too aligned and you cannot align yourself too often. As you practice your effectiveness increases.

It is simple. So simple people do not believe it can work! Simply try, experience and then decide if this free technique improves your mood, balance and ability to operate in an increasingly busy and challenging life.

The only requirements are respect and humility.

To align the self:

  1. Stop and be still
  2. Call to the Light for help *
  3. Breathe away the negativity to the earth for transmutation (eg. the colour blue washing from the crown to the feet and out to the earth)
  4. Breathe in the Light of positivity, balance and strength (eg. the colour emerald washing from crown to feet and grounding to the earth andthrough arms to hands)
  5. Seal yourself in protective blue light at arm’s length
  6. Be of joy and positivity
  7. Thank the Light *

* We refer to Universal or Cosmic Energy as ‘the Light’. We are non-denominational, respecting the many beliefs and cultures which ultimately lead to the same destination.

Some may prefer to refer to God, Allah, Angels, The Creator or a particular Saint, Master or ‘Ultimate Source’.

The important power lies in the belief in something greater than yourself and the humility and respect to call upon and connect to this energy of purity and love to enhance your own energy and life.

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